Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service Corporation

Special Announcement!

The Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service Corporation, MONOC, is no longer in business.

In order to assist those who may need information from the time we were in business we are providing the following contact information.

  • For Patient Medical Records
    • Please contact our records custodian at: 732-418-8458
  • For Employment Verification
  • For Automotive Insurance Issues
    • If you are looking to Report a Claim go to and look under Claim Center - Report a Claim. This includes the National Accounts 1-800 number to report claims. 1-800-832-7839. The email address is
    • If you are a previous MONOC employee looking for information on a claim (where you had previous contact with the Claim Account Executive) you can contact the Claim Resource Group. 1-877-765-2015 or email
  • Workers Compensation (Safety National)
    • Any new or existing claimant inquiries should go directly to ESIS. Safety National's agreement with ESIS requires that ESIS notify Safety National of any new claims. The contact information for ESIS is: Mr. Richard F. Simnor, Senior Partnership Leader, Client Services (Mid Atlantic Region), ESIS, 436 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, Phone: 215-640-1669, Email: Mr Richard F. Simnor can serve as the TPA contact for any claims inquiries by either MONOC or a claimant.
  • General/Professional Liability (General Star)
    • In Case of A Claim contact: General Star Management Company, P.O. Box 1255, Stamford, CT 06904 Attn: Professional Liability Claims Unit. Fax: 866-464-3678, Email:
  • 401(k) Inquiries
    • Please contact Voya at 1-800-584-6001 or by email at:
  • Patient Receivables
    • All remaining patient receivables owed to MONOC have been sold. These two companies should have reached out to the patient directly.
      • Ceder Funding Group, LLC - 201-722-8517
      • Valer Enterprises, Inc. - 631-472-6300
    • For judgments and liens dating back to 2005 or prior please contact: